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Zhavier Shaw

Not your average developer!




Web Developer

Front-end Web Development

With a background in Graphic Design and Animating, and experience in building websites from scratch, using HTML5, CSS, and PHP.


My Video Games

Interactive Project View
A compilation of my previous and current projects. A showcase of my failures and accomplishments. An embodiment of my growth.

My third public video game

Attack on Titan Game

My second public game

Blade Art Online

My first public video game

Bullet Blackout


- Cancelled

A Top 10 game on IndieDB, which houses over 40 000 other indie games. This was my first time showing my work to the world, and the reception was very unexpected. A lot of my craft was honed on this project, where I pushed myself to learn C#, UI Design, and the crafts of SEO. It was also the first time that I lead a team to spearhead a project.

At the end of the day, the project had to be cancelled, but the lessons learned, and the knowledge gained was priceless.


A Top 100 game on IndieDB, that grew a large community in the span of a few months.

Blade Art Online 2016 - Cancelled

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Just shy of 4 000 downloads, my Attack on Titan game project is where I begun to push the boundaries.

Starting in July 2017, I decided to carry out a new project completely on my own. I pushed myself to learn Web Development (WordPress, Bootstrap Studio, PHP, HTML5, CSS). From this, I also learned to hook up the data stored on my websites, into my games.

In late 2017, I begun working with a team to bring the project to a finished state.


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